MissionGate Products

The MissionGate Project is offering a range of products aimed at trainers, coaches and career counselors that will support the unemployed to find their mission in life and to use that mission for reintegration to business world –either through employment or as self-employed entrepreneurs-. This products have been built with the knowledge gained during the preliminary research in existing methods on “How to find your mission in life” and, later on, through a series of pilot trainings and evaluations. The MissionGate Project is deploying the following products:

Research on existing career guidance methods

  • The survey will investigate existing methods to support people to find their mission in life. This will inform the final guidelines on the best way to support the unemployed and their reintegration to business world 

  • A Dissemination Kit used to get our message through as many people as possible. The Dissemination Kit includes a leaflet and the very webpage you are currently browsing
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Pilot Testing

  • The draft guidelines will be tested by trainers, coaches and career counselors with participants to evaluate the product created


  • The final guidelines take the form of a handbook which will offer a 'toolbox' style range of exercises for trainers, coaches and career counselors to select and use in their work with the unemployed. It will also contain the research produced, case studies and examples and guidelines on how to use the handbook
Final Guidelines Manual:

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