Project Objectives

MissionGate Objectives

Since after years full of working experience, unemployment is a standstill in your personal career, sometimes it is not possible for the unemployed to continue their planned career path and new orientation is necessary. Career planning was and is oriented on markets requests and company needs. If you are no longer able to fulfil these requests and demands a change is necessary. To plan life and work at this point, it is important to base it on interests, ideas and visions of the unemployed, to motivate the person for a new integration to the market and to the business world.

How to find your new mission in life? This crucial question is the core issue in the present project. The project targets at working out guidelines for trainers, coaches and career counsellors to support persons on the path of redefining their career and to help them to achieve a target they really want to go for, from the bottom of their heart. With this personal empowerment, the re-integration to the business world will be successful and sustainable.

The concrete objectives of the partnership are:

  • Enable unemployed people to find their mission in life based on their interests, ideas and visions to support their re-integration to the jobs market

  • Provide partners and local, regional institutions and the wider community with information gathered in the research on existing careers guidance information and tools.

  • Facilitate the work of trainers, coaches and career counselors by creating a manual with guidelines on how to support the unemployed to find their mission in life.

  • Facilitate intercultural dialogue by cross cultural project work, project meetings and results from participating countries.

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