Presentation of the Project

The current jobs market is undergoing major changes due to the economic crisis and the resulting upheaval this causes in society. An increasing amount of people are facing unemployment in mid-career and after years of gaining work experience, a period of unemployment can undermine personal motivation and self-confidence. Current unemployment training and careers guidance deals more with vocational career planning and the professional skills needed for a specific job. It is oriented towards market demands and employer needs. The project will look at an alternative approach centred on the person, their life and their vision for the future. 

‘Life work’ planning is person-centred and starts from the view of the individual’s mission and vision of life. It is based on personal motivation, inner skills, interests rather than studies, education and professional skills acquired during work experience.  In order to plan life and work and provide support to regain confidence and motivation at this point of the person’s life, it is important to develop a new plan which identifies key elements to the process of changing and adapting.  It takes account of interests, ideas and visions to (re)motivate them and start a new career path or simply to empower them to make changes in their lives.

The project will research existing career guidance tools, then compare them and cross refer them to establish best practice. Guidelines will be produced in the form of a manual as a result of the analysis of this research.  

The results will be used by the partners to update the skills and preparation of trainers, coaches and career counselors to support people to find their mission in life and to use the mission for reintegration to business world – either employed or as an entrepreneur.

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